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For me the weekend started with the race school on Friday, and a mighty big school, with 14 potential AHRMA racers. Friday looked more like a Jet Ski event with the non-stop rain. Literally raining from the beginning of the school until the end of the day. Happy to report that all 14 students survived to run their first race on Saturday. 14 graduates and 14 new AHRMA racers… 

This weekend provided a little more tension than normal for me. First I had the school,10155155_10203495643291261_2058846674_n 14 students requires a lot of effort, then we had the weather, I had my announcing duties, it was Hanni’s second race, and finally the Head Honcho, Randall Washington was at the track with his wife Lynn. Definitely a full plate. On Saturday we were presented with a very special present from Hanni, a huge chocolate chip cookie with all of our pictures on it. The picture was nice but the cookie itself was what held my interest, I ate way more than my share.. Later that afternoon,
we were entertained with some shrimp lunch also prepared by Hanni. It must have been very good
as it didn’t last very long. I think Rick was the culprit for both the lunch and the majority of the cookie. We had several practice rounds of riding to get familiar with NOLA 16 turns, I opted out 10153143_10153918417690276_166510403_nof most as I feel quite comfortable with the track and the speed. Unfortunately one of the rounds claimed Hanni as she found her way prematurely dismounting the Randaak Ascot and on to the tarmac and into the grass. Turns out the crash, despite several witnesses remains a huge mystery one that’s destined to join Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, and UFOS. Several theories were presented but we were never able to ascertain what caused the precipitating crash. Good news, both Hanni, and the Randaakk Ascot were unscathed. Finally Race 10 rolled around, starting from the last row, I found myself chasing the leaders for the first few laps, Andrew Cowell leading, Rick Richter 2nd, and finally me. I managed to get to the front but was unable to keep the lead as Rick managed to get in front, I finished a somewhat disappointing 2nd. Rick and I always have great races, today would be his day.


Sunday: Randakk knows Kawasaki?10010804_10153909883105276_701704117_o
Day 3 was a more relaxed and focused day for me, I had one thing on my mind “Redemption”. I spent more time preparing not only the equipment but my mind as well… I was adamant and confident this day would have different results. The start of the race was delayed because of a seagull on the track, (yesterday it was a turtle), but once again I found myself on the last row of our event. When the green flag dropped the Randaak Kawasaki launched off the start, carrying me first into turn one, I quickly found myself overtaking bikes from the first wave. The Randaak 550 was in rare form as we ran away from the middleweight field, and led the entire race from flag to flag. At the end I was elated that we grabbed our first win of the season but disappointed that the Randaak corporate executive had left for company headquarters. So as it stands right now the Randaak Kawasaki has bagged 3 second place finishes and 1 win this season. From here we had west for Willow Springs and Sears Point.

Resilient: This is my word for Hanni on this weekend at NOLA. I am happy to report she was much more focused and relaxed despite a major get off going into turn one. Think fast, probably 100+mph crash. For those of us who are analytical about our racing, not knowing what caused a crash, can shake one’s resolve and most certainly your confidence. R3 racing did their pit magic putting the Randaak Ascot back together and Hanni jumped back on and raced both days. The amazing thing was her lap times got quicker. From my standpoint the one thing that pleases the teacher is PROGRESS. The ascot has traveled to Hayward Wisconsin being prepped for Road America, so I anticipate another good outing for the Randaak Team. Round 3 will be crucial in her learning curve, can’t wait to see the results. I will also admit looking forward to another one of those cookies..

1782367_10153909882855276_385675011_oNOLA is a special place for not only the racing but for the socializing as well. Friday we all had a great time at the AHRMA banquet, Randaak Racer and good buddy Dennis Parrish needing a wheel-barrel to take home all his trophies, we were also joined by former AMA champions David Sadowski, and Jamie James. Thursday and Saturday we had the pleasure of New Orleans fine dining experiences. Of course the best news, we all got home safe, but exhausted and ready to do it again.  Next Report, Willow Springs, Ca.


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