June 3-Milwaukee, Wi

Chris Carr was on hand for the unprecedented historic unveiling of the Harley-Davidson’s new Sportster XR1200X. It was the first time in Harley-Davidson’s history that a new model motorcycle was unvielded to the public at the Harley-Davidson museum.  Bill Davidson hosted the event and spoke regarding the company’s passion for the performance motorcycles and the legacy that has been created throughout the company’s history with racing.  Bill unveiled the beautiful XR1200X and was joined by legendary flat track racer, Scotty Parker, also on hand were the Vancet Hines Race Team and Kenny Coalbreth. Scotty shared some of the experience he had in development of the new model which comes equipped with front and rear adjustable suspension, improved braking and along with some engine modifications.

In keeping with that theme, Chris Carr will be campaigning the new model in the upcoming Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, a grueling test of man and machine. The Challenge is set to launch on June 20th in Key West, Florida and end 7,000 miles later in Homer, Alaska.

Chris’ progress will be monitored and updated by his support team via Twitter, Facebook and Twowheeladventures.com. A detailed report can be viewed on  twowheeladventures.com with the GPS tracking device which will be mounted to the new XR1200X.