Day 1

The race started this morning at 6:15. There was no assigned position. First come, first served. Chris decided to positioned himself at the end of the pack. First check point: Bruce Rossmeyers’ Harley-Davidson in Daytona. However, as anticipated and explained by the organizers, the riders will have to follow a specific map given at every check point, using very few express ways, more backroads and several detours before getting to the check points.
12:30pm, Chris called from the Everglades, Fl. He stated that he witnessed 5 crashes within the first 5 hours, riders were turning around going 80 miles/hr, not quite sure where they were going. They first seem to be going north, then they had to ride back South, to then head to Daytona.
5:58pm, Chris finally reached the first check point, where he was given a coin showing 8th position, and a new map of the second check point: Southaven, MS.

Having technical problems with his satellite tracking device…will add a link to it as soon as possible. Thx