Two Wheel Adventures

Day 4 and 5

Day 4: It seems as though Chris and DJ have been ridding in AZ for ever. With rumors or facts that some riders are already in Colorado, and watching these guys going away from Wyoming, a lot of questions have been raised. According to Chris, they are following the map. They are suppose to ride through several Indian reservations, and they are not even suppose to go through Colorado at all. Last night, while they slept for 4-5 hours, a lot of riders caught up with them. A lot of them are exhausted and have been pushing themselves pretty hard and they are even half way through the challenge.

Day 5: Chris is well rested and in good spirit. He is ready for another long hot day…

12 thoughts on “Day 4 and 5”

  1. First of all, it seems that there are a significant number of riders who have gone “off route” as far as their course for Homer, AK. I’ve heard that some riders have been DQ’ed for going “off route” and I expect there will be more. Looking at Chris’ Spot tracker, it appears that he, too, might have gone “off route” in a couple of places.

    In southern Georgia, his Spot tracker shows him traveling up I-75 from northern Florida for a while. Other contestants Spot trackers show a more circuitous route through Southern Georgia to get to Columbus and then into Alabama.

    After leaving Southern Thunder, Chris Spot tracker shows him traveling I-40 west from Memphis to Little Rock, AR and then turning north to join back up with the more northerly route that other contestants are showing through Arkansas.

    This whole thing seems to be turning into a real mess. Who is going to “certify” the winner? The organizers? Based upon what evidence of compliance with the “rules”? Big Jim is riding with others along the route. Beth and Annie (and others?) are traveling from checkpoint to checkpoint to manage the processing of riders through each stop. There are no official cameras or observers. Is it going to be one riders word against the others as to who broke which rule(s)?

    I paid my registration last year and reluctantly pulled out of the Challenge in early May due to unforseen circumstances in my personal life. However, I’ve been a big supported of the Challenge and the organizers. Check my weblog ( for a post defending the intentions and integrity of the organizers.

    At this point, there are a lot of stories, accusations and rumors going around. The truth of what has happened, is happening and will happen won’t be known for a while. It will be interesting to see how the Challenge plays out and then what happens with all the Alaskan Gold in the weeks and months after the Challenge.

    After we have all the information and sufficient time to ruminate on all the things that have happened here, then we can start to decide for ourselves what was the real value and meaning of the Challenge.

    Those answers will be different for each individual, I think.

    So, there are a lot of questions now. There will be many more questions before this Challenge is done.

    I pray that there are not more casualties before everyone gets to Homer or wherever there final destination on the Challenge might be.

    Hang in there, Chris. Do what you know to do. Don’t worry too much about everybody else, but watch out for Challengers riding beyond their ability. As an MSF RiderCoach, you know that is when the trouble is bound to happen.

  2. I’ve been reviewing the GPS of several riders, seems they are all over the place. This in itself says….1, they are lost…2,they quit…3, they all have different maps or 4, they are delirious. I hope Chris is doing well! Did HD check this thing out just to make sure it was legitimate? I would think so since it’s 99.999% Harleys!

  3. Dick Dastardly & Muttley have been tearing down signs and arranging cager-collisions to delay the competition. Best of luck to Chris that it ends up being a good day for someone ELSE to die.

  4. Guys, www. says there may be some instances of sign posts being cut down, real dirty pool but I guess when you put money at stake sone jerks will resort to tactics like this. Beware Chris!

  5. Any answer as to why Chris’ SPOT shows he was on I-75 from Lake City FL to Tifton GA. I know he is a professional and has no intent on cheating. I am just curious as to why his spot went this way and other riders were on a different route. ANy answers would be greatly appreciated! Go Chris GO!!

    1. As to why Chris was on I-75 from Lake City Fl to Tifton GA, I don’t know. If this was not the route they were suppose to take, as you said Chris is a professional and he is not trying to cheat. He mentioned several times how terrible the map was and how hard it was to read it. I’ll try to get an answer.

  6. Those are excellent news! Thanks Sowatha from keeping us posted on Chris progress, it’s awesome 🙂

    I guess now is where Chris begins to have some real fun and kicks in the racing part of the challenge hu? I’m sure with his practice to rest the way he does, he’ll start to have a serious advantage on his opponents. I’m glad to see that everything turns out to be exactly how the organizers wanted it to be! That map sure is useful from what I understand about those eliminated in WY 😉 I get more and more the feeling that he is lucky after all to ride with as few support as he got. Too much support would have lead to bad advice and more confusion to the all thing ^_^

    Keep on going buddy!

  7. Thank you for your response. Maybe he will have some insight when you get to talk to him. Maybe they do have different maps as others have suggested. I have followed his career for a while and know he is trying his best. I wish him the best of luck!!

  8. I have been following Chris’ track from day 1. It would not surprise me if he had gotten turned around as crazy as this route – but you I can’t see how anyone could ever claimed he cheated. Not with everything he has gone through!

  9. My lady and I rode down to Key west to wish our friends riding in the Challenge good luck and Gods speed ..On our way back north we encountered riders already confused (missed their turn offs), still in south Fla..A rider had a map of the routes to be taken(copied from a challenge rider), we could see the routes went in all directions..Its understandable that some riders will miss their route changes running on two laners but thats part of the Challenge..We wish Chris and all the other Riders best of luck and safe arrival in Alaska..Sonnyray and Donna

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