Day 5

It appears that some riders have been disqualified for not following the map and arriving in WY sooner than expected. Some have questioned the routes Chris has taken so far and his motives. All I can tell you is that Chris has mentioned having difficulties following the map and getting lost. I know for a fact that Chris is not trying to cheat (being his wife). His intentions are to finish top 10 or 20 and to show off the brand new XR1200X. Being an adventure junky, he would have done it even if there was no prize to win.

Chris does not have a chase vehicle, in fact he is in desperate need of a tire. The heat has caused excessive wear and damage to his rear tire, the threads are now showing after 3,800 miles. He will be lucky to make it to WY, and even when he gets there, he is not sure they will have the tire.

Grand canyon 6-24-10