Day 7 , news from Chris

Mount Rushmore 6/26/10

Yes, you are a strong!

Many of you, who are closely watching Chris’ GPS locator, are probably wandering why he is backtracking or stopped for several hours. Not to worry, Chris is fine. He could be sleeping, LOST (last night for 3 hours), or just enjoying the wonderful views our country has to offer such as the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore etc… or he could be interviewing Hoka Hey competitors such as a couple this morning (yes husband and wife, one motorcycle, over 4,000 miles).

This might come to you guys as a shock if you know Chris, but Harley-Davidson and Chris did not enter the Hoka to race, we’ve always looked at it as a “ride”. Even though, he unlished the competitive beast in him the first week, he now realizes that he is losing tract of his main objectives which are: 1) to write a story for Harley-Davidson about his experience and those of other competitors 2) to write about the XR1200X  3) to evaluate the gears provided to him 4) Enjoy yet another adventure.

Chris wants to apologize if he is disappointing some people who thought he was racing to win the big prize. As stated earlier, Chris wants to finish top 10-20 if possible, show off the XR1200X and be able to write about the whole experience. As he has always looked at the Hoka Hey as a personal endurance challenge, you will still see him cross the finish line in Homer, AK before July 4.