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Day 9

So far so good. He is still moving at a steady pace in BC. Getting gas before they close might be a challenge. Hopefully as mentioned by Arnaud, as long as he keeps an average speed of 55 to 60, he should be ok.

After Fort Nelson, the next gas station is in Toad River (they close at 9pm), after that Muncho Lake at mile 435 or mile 441: J&H wilderness resort. Let’s hope he gets to them.

15 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. Chris just passed Fort Saint John (8:45 PM). Based on this location, and looking at the time Bodhi and Mark passed that same location, it seems that Mark is 6 hours ahead of Chris (passed Fort Saint John at about 2:30 PM eastern), Bodhi is way in front with about 19 hrs ahead of everyone (passed Fort Saint John at about 1:30 AM eastern time)!! Amazing!

    Here are the SPOT links for those guys:



    Bob (Zoombaw)

    You’ll find the few other references in the facebook link posted by Terry in Canada Day 8 comments.


  2. And it’s official, at now 9:00 PM eastern time, Chris has passed Bob (Zoombaw) somewhere in Fort Saint John. 😉

  3. Knowing Chris…as we do…he will catch up to–and pass–Bodhi. Wait and ye shall see! 🙂 Meanwhile, this may the time the “shapeshifters” come out of the rocks and spur him on. Keep riding, Chris. You can do it~! All the very best, Larry

  4. Chris just passed Muncho Lake this morning at about 7:00 AM his time. He’s roughly 10 hours from Whitehorse, so we should expect to see him out there anywhere betweeen 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM his time (I expect the latest to be at 9:00 PM our time). From Whitehorse, he should be able top reach the border at Beaver Creek in about 4 to 5 hours. Knowing how he likes to push it, he’ll probably take some rest at Tok, 1h30 later. So all in all, if he’s riding like he does so far, he’s probably going to be in Tok at about 1:00 AM his time (4:00 AM our time). that’ll leave him about 4 hours to Fairbanks. If he’s crazy enough, he’ll reach Fairbanks early morning without a break, we’ll know more tonight watching his progress.

    From Fairbanks, that’ll be a straight shot down to Homer, passed Anchorage, 580 miles supposed to be completed in about 10 hours. Bottom line is, we should expect our champion to be out there Tomorrow, no later then say 8:00 PM 😉 That’s a good estimate if we want to leave him enough time to rest and ride safe. Now we all know Chris to be able to surprise us when we don’t expect it!

    Cheers mate!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for putting up the spot on Zoomba. I didn’t have his. I noticed where a couple of the guys haven’t been tracking for 1 or 2 days. Wish we could tell where they were. Hang in there Chris. Ride hard my friend.

  6. hmm.. 10 hours from Fairbanks is a very optimistic estimate! Going through Anchorage always seems to make an hour disappear just like that. But Yay for Chris! He seems to have done this race in a very classy way. It’s my birthday today, so when you get to Homer come on down to the Down East!

  7. That I do not know.

    What I do know from checking the SPOT trackings is that Chris seems to be doing really good! From what I can estimate, he’s now only 3 hours behind Mark (hopefully I got this right, that’s pretty awesome!) and for some reason, Bodhi’s SPOT has stopped updating a bit before Fairbanks, so there’s no way to tell where he’s at now. That makes it real interesting 🙂

  8. Quick update one more time after checking a bit the few comments on Facebook on the HH oficial page, there seem to be quite a few bad surprises coming up for our guys once they’ve passed the Alaskan border. Apparently, after the Alcan highway last 120 miles is full of frost heaves that are barely detectable due to the sun reflection on the road., about a foot and a half deep from truck tires … Ride safe out there guys!!

    Also, on an interesting note concerning the “hoax” behind all this, The Alaskan Viking Cowboy’s daughter (Eric Wickre, is apparently the third to be done) is saying that the “organizers” have all checked out of Homer Yesterday … Apparently fearing the mob growing on FB concerning that race and the conditions it’s been held … Let’s wait and watch.

    At any rate, we all know Chris is doing it for the fun, and to show up that nice sportster 😉 Doesn’t matter if there’s a price in the end, the adventure is THE reward!

    Cheers mates!

  9. And some more as things unravel here and there. I’ve read a bit on Facebook website. So far, 6 people have completed the race and arrived safe in Homer, a total of 12 people have passed the checkpoint in Fairbanks. Bodhi and two of his fellow coriders have just passed the checkpoint, that makes it 15 total passed Fairbanks now.

    Chris is still pushing it nicely with a good average speed, apparently still picking up on Mark. We’ll see how it goes in a few hours 😉

  10. Having driven the ALCAN (Alaska Highway) many times I find it incredible that these folks are doing this —- the bears are real as are the porcupines — the quills went through my tread and were bent out by the steal belt. The road is treacherous and twists in and out and up and down. They have been improving it over the years, but frost heaves can be anywhere and can be very rough. The road passes over mountain passes and drops down to the flats. For me the biggest danger is the bordom and the fatigue. The scenery is beautiful, but it goes on and on and on —- and pretty soon you are complacent, that’s when we are most vulnerable.
    Anyway I own a Suzuki and couldn’t run the race — might have to grow some and get a Harley!

  11. Sounds like Chris has rode pretty hard during the night, he arrived in Fairbanks at about 6:00 AM eastern. He is still in Fairbanks, either taking some well earned rests, or doing some maintenance on the bike. We do not have any news for now, but he’s right there, and that’s good news 🙂

    From what I’ve seen from Mark’s SPOT, Chris is currently an hour and a half behind him. Google maps indicate another 11 hours from there on to the finish line, we can pretty much assume that Chris will pick up Mark along the way now, it’s just a question of time, as lon as he rides safe on those crazy roads out there 😉

    As for Team Bodhi, their SPOT is not updating since 2:00 AM this morning, so we are going to assume they’re getting close to Anchorage by now. We’ll see when the update comes up again!

    Cheers to all of ’em 🙂

  12. And some fresh news from Chris himself! 😀 He’s just called from Fairbanks, just to give us some updates. He is currently finalizing the checkup on the bike for the last shot to Homer. He should up and running fairly soon 🙂

    He had no phone coverage Yesterday up until he arrived in Fairbanks, hence the lack of news. He sounded pretty fresh over the phone and ready to hit the road again.

    From his own words: “Yesterday was one hell of a ride!!!”. And trust me, when he said it, you could see a big grin on his face 😀 That guy is having a blast out there, I’m telling you 😉

    You go Chris!

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