5 Common Motorcycle Accidents And How to Avoid Them

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exhilarating experience, it is an awesome way to connect with your friends and a sure-fire way to forge and create new friendships. Unfortunately riding can also be dangerous, and not so much fun if you crash or have an accident. Here are some suggestions to help avoid the not so fun crashing part.

  1. Car Pulling left in front of you.
    Two Wheel Adventures - Best Motor Cycle Classes in GeorgiaThe Hurt Report, the most extensive motorcycle accident investigative study ever conducted says this is the most common, number one motorcycle car collision. While its completely impossible to avoid these situations, it is possible to increase the likelihood of not getting entangled with a car. First, and foremost always, always, ride as if you’re invisible. If you assume no one sees you your less likely to be surprised when someone actually pulls in front of you. Never rely on making eye contact with the driver, flashing headlights, or any hand gestures. Watch for the front tire, where are they pointed? Look for any sign, which may indicate movement. Cover the front brake, which will reduce your reaction time. Try to avoid being the first person through an intersection.
  2. Entering a Corner Too Fast.
    Two Wheel Adventures - Best Motor Cycle Classes in GeorgiaThe single best way to avoid this scenario is simple, do not ride over your head, or exceed your riding threshold. Trying to keep up with others or pushing your riding beyond your current ability, pushing the envelope on public highways is never a good idea. If your entry speed is too fast, apply as much braking as possible while the bike is still vertical. If you are already in the turn, lean the bike into the corner, relax yourself and your grip, look thru to the exit, and continue to press. Avoid excessive braking, erratic throttle adjustments as these will upset the bikes suspension and will alter traction components. Keep in mind its much better to be slower entering turns and accelerate coming out.
  3. Motorcycle safety is an importpart of motorcycle classes at Two Wheel AdventuresRear End Collision.
    When stopping at a traffic light, or on a congested highway never stop directly behind another vehicle. Always create space to allow yourself to move or maneuver your motorcycle. Plan an escape route, which offers the path of least resistance. Maintain a lower gear for quicker acceleration.
  4. Rider Skills.
    Two Wheel Adventures provides safey training during motorcycle classesSelf inflicted recipe for disaster, riding a motorcycle, which is too big or difficult for you to manage. Not possessing the knowledge or skill for riding situations that you are currently in. Trying to maintain a pace with fellow riders who have more experience when riding in groups. Trying to please or impress others without sufficient practice, seat time, experience, or skill. Avoiding these situations requires self-esteem, confidence and courage. Be patient with your riding, practice, and do not hesitate to tell your riding partners about your current skill set. Truth is experienced riders are happy to help you.
  5. Two Wheel Adventures - Best Motor Cycle Classes in GeorgiaThe Drinking Rider.
    Hurt report says nearly 50% of all motorcycle fatalities are alcohol related. Some statistics indicate that number is actually higher. Yes I realize most bike events, and bike nights involve alcohol consumption. Bottom line if you do drink you should not ride. Regardless of how you rationalize it reality says your not a better rider.

Enjoying a long riding career requires a huge dose of personal responsibility, a thirst for motorcycle education and training, and of course proper motorcycle gear. Regardless of circumstance the experience you create while riding is yours, make it a good one.

See you down the road.
Chris Carr