Randakk Cycle Shakk Racing Adventures 2014 Round 1


Randakk Cycle Shakk Racing Adventures

Round 1, Roebling Road, Pooler, Ga.

The 2014 AHRMA race season is finally upon us. I am very excited to be working with Randall Washington and the Randakk Cycle Race Team. We have set forth a couple of goals this year. First, to enter into the 1622497_10153818483230276_1402179206_oLightweight Superbike arena with a Honda Ascot, and second, mentor and develop a new racer for the AHRMA series. Lofty aspirations for sure, but if you know Randall, you know thinking “BIG” is what this guy is all about. So phase one, I entered the Ascot into my first race on Saturday, unfortunately I have nothing exciting to report. We had 12 racers which I think is one of the biggest LSB grids I have seen. Our underpowered Ascot circulated the Roebling Road race course literally with no fan fare, no excitement, no pucker moments, and no challenges. We finished a dismal 7th place. I have to admit I was just a little bummed, but I knew that Randall and I would make the best of the weekend. Obviously, without any major changes ( like a new bike or new motor) we knew Sunday would produce the same result as Saturday. The little Ascot just couldn’t give anymore, she was strutting her stuff but she just was not going to shine this weekend.

We then decided I would race in middleweight super bike on the “Champ”, my 81 GPZ 550. Our efforts and results were much better. Second place on Saturday, and second place on Sunday with Canadian Paul Germain taking the wins in both races..

Two Wheel Adventures Round 1 Racing SchoolThis would bring us to phase two of the Randakk Cycle World Domination Plan. Enter Ms. Hanni Berger, our up and coming road race test pilot. Friday, she participated in the AHRMA Fast & Safe road race school. I provided the track guidance while the classroom was guided by Andru Cowell. Needless to say, she got a lot more attention than the other students. Friday was a stellar performance, Hanni actually getting some seat time on my very fast Ducati 748R, and then the not so fast Honda Ascot. She did a really good job and passed the course with Honda Wings. It was a good moment for all, especially when you think your plan is coming to fruition.

Day 2: Hanni’s first race. After doing a wheelie which would make many stunt riders proud , Hanni (See Randall video footage), tried to catch up to the group, let’s just say it didn’t produce the result she was looking for, her first race came to an abrupt end in turn 5. Thanks to my dear friends, Rick Richter of R3racing, Joe Berastegui of Atlanta Motor Works, and even Randall himself, we were able to put humpty dumpty back together again. The little Ascot would live to race another day. It did blow sand out of the exhaust for a good 3 or 4 minutes, before hitting the track , which got a few laughs. Sunday was much better, well ok not much better, but better, another rookie mistake Hanni forgot to put gas in the Ascot, and she just came up a little short.. Hanni did complete one of her races and came away with her first ever AHRMA points. Anyway a great weekend was had by all, the Ascot is getting a makeover and we will be ready for NOLA at the end of the month. Stay tuned as I’m fairly certain the entertainment has just started..