Randakk’s cycle shakk race report from Willow Springs, California!

Randakk’s Cycle Shakk race report from willow springs, California!

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A few years ago when I was much younger and in much better shape I climbed my Aconcagua in Argentina at 22,800 ft it’s one of the 7 summits and one of my proudest accomplishments. So what does that have to do with racing? When I rolled into willow this morning the mountains were covered in snow, it was 41 degrees and we had 45-5mph winds. I had a flashback I forgot I am actually in California.


photo (3)Despite conditions the Randakk’s Cycle Shakk Kawasaki was ready to go to work. The competition was steep today I was hoping for a fourth which is exactly where I found myself after lap one right behind the lead pack. Then my gear shifter came off making shifting nearly impossible I worked my way to the back finishing a lonely 8th. That’s racing and tomorrow is another day

photo (2)In the Randakk Cycle Shakk lightweight superbike field Michigan flat tracker extraordinaire Craig Bteckon decimated the field running times that would have made him competitive in middleweight.This class also had 8 racers mostly on Honda Ascots.

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Stay Tuned for Round Two from Rosamond, California…