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Basic Rider Course (BRC)

Basic Rider Course (BRC) at Two Wheel AdventuresThe Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is an internationally recognized developer of rider education.  This 2-day course is the benchmark for those who aspire to learn to ride a motorcycle.

The class is approximately 10hrs. of riding and 5hrs. of classroom instruction. The basic rider course is a state of Georgia, DDS, recognized license waiver course. You must be able to ride a bicycle and provide your own personal gear to participate in this course.

Required Personal Gear :

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Full finger gloves
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy over the ankle footwear

We provide motorcycles and helmets.

Our class structure is limited to 6 students to ensure personal coaching,
and maximum riding opportunities .

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2 thoughts on “Basic Rider Course (BRC)”

  1. Recently took class thru Two Wheel Adventures,BRC. It was worth every penny of cost of the class. Learned more than we ever thought we would. The Coach Mr. Bart Williams was the best! He had a canopy for us to break under out of sun, chairs for us to break with.He also provided water for anyone. Thumps up on me and my husband’s training.

    1. Kevin and Jill thank you so much for your kind words, we appreciate you choosing Two Wheel Adventures, I will share your review with Bart.

      Thank you so much.

      Chris Carr

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Terms and Conditions

ATTENDANCE AND TARDINESS: Each class will start promptly. Allow extra travel time to arrive at least 15 minutes before each class. Tardiness or absence to any of the class sessions will result in dismissal from the course.

REFUNDS : There will NOT be any refund. Once you pay for the class, a motorcycle is reserved for you on a specific day and time.

  • If you miss any of the class sessions
  • If you come in late.
  • If you voluntarily withdraw from a class with or without the coach’s consent.
  • If you are dismissed by the coach: for consuming alcohol/medications before or during class time that can impair your judgment. Carrying any weapons on the training grounds. Deliberate acts or intentions to harm any students or coaches. Willfully not following the coach’s directions or abusing any provided equipment or motorcycles. Unsafe riding that can result in injuries to yourself or others. Using foul language.
  • If you fail the class.
  • If you do not wear the appropriate attire, you will be dismissed from the class.

CLASS CANCELLATION: Two Wheel Adventures LLC. reserves the right to cancel classes at any given time. Refunds for the class will be issued if we are unable to provide the course.

GROUPON CUSTOMERS: Once you sign up for a class, a seat is reserved for you.We require a 72 hours notice for cancellation and rescheduling or forfeit your voucher. If you sign for a class that start within 72 hours and receive an email confirmation, you will not be able to cancel or reschedule if you are unable to attend.

STUDENTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18: must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at the beginning of the class to sign the waiver. After successful completion of the class, the student will receive a 90 day licence waiver. However, the student must turn 17 years old before the 90 days waiver expires in order to receive a license. See Joshua’s Law .

ATTITUDE: Please come to class well rested, “alert” and ready to learn.


  • Long sleeve shirt to fully cover the arms and below the waist (even if it is HOT outside).
  • Long denim pants or equivalent durability. No holes, cuffs or baggy pants as they can get caught on the foot pegs. No spandex or sweatpants.
  • Full fingered gloves preferably leather.
  • Over the ankle boots to protect the ankle bones.
  • If you choose to bring your own helmet, make sure it is DOT approved and has a face shield.
  • Bandanna to wear under the helmet.
  • Rain gear.