Latest news

As you all know, Chris arrived in Homer Wed. at 9pm. From 16th, he now move up to 15th since #3 got disqualified for riding straight from Key West to Homer without hitting any of the check points. No matter what his position is, Chris greatly enjoyed the adventure and the people he met before, during  and … Continue reading “Latest news”

Day 11

Chris called me this morning at 9:40. He did not have any phone coverag all day. Yesterday, he rode 1,300 miles. He and 6 other guys have been waiting most of the night for the last check point in Fairbanks to open, but it does not look like anyone is there (so much for all … Continue reading “Day 11”

Day 9

So far so good. He is still moving at a steady pace in BC. Getting gas before they close might be a challenge. Hopefully as mentioned by Arnaud, as long as he keeps an average speed of 55 to 60, he should be ok. After Fort Nelson, the next gas station is in Toad River (they … Continue reading “Day 9”

Day 8

Chris arrived at the 4th check point in Missoula MT at 2:00 am. He had a rough time sleeping outside on the ground last night, it was freezing cold. While on the phone with him this morning, we made sure the SPOT was reset properly and working so you guys can track him. 10:00 am: off … Continue reading “Day 8”